Life Changing Mercy – George Benjamin

I am overwhelmed that our Divine Mercy Church completes 10 years of its inception. It gives me an immense joy and fulfilment as a sacristan to have also completed 10 years of service in this Church. I started working as a sacristan since 2008 soon after the inauguration of Divine Mercy Church and some of the memories are still fresh in my mind.

My Way Through the Unknown

In my 10 years of service as Sacristan, I received God’s abundant blessings through the many priests who served in this parish. Preparing the altar and getting things ready for the Mass is such a joy and it enables me to attend every Eucharist and receive my Jesus in Holy Communion. Apart from my work as a Sacristan at Divine Mercy Church, I was also working for a bank. Some years back due to my bad friends’ circle, I was accused of having done something wrong. I and my family were in shambles. We could not face this storm. In no time my wife was diagnosed with cancer. What strengthened me and gave courage to face the trial was the Eucharist I attended every single day. Eventually I was left all alone. False allegations were set up against me. Reflecting over my troubled life I spent hours and hours in the Church sitting before the Lord. I was completely broken down, but deep down, an inner voice kept saying ‘God would bring me out and set everything right’. Eventually truth prevailed and I was proved to be innocent. That was the turning point in my life where I realized that, though everybody had left me, my God never abandoned me.

God Experience

In December 2011, Fr. Julian Misquita the then Parish Priest approached me and requested me to come back to work as a Sacristan. Since then, I am much attached to Divine Mercy Devotion. I am faithful to my daily prayers after the Mass whether people are there or not. This great devotion to the Divine Mercy of Jesus has helped me and has brought a lot of changes in my life. For example, earlier I was a very short tempered person, now I feel that I have ample patience and tolerance. Another great joy I experience is when I attend the First Friday afternoon 3 p.m. Divine Mercy Chaplet followed by Mass. No matter how busy I am with my work I make it a point to be present and get the church ready for Mass. These are the moments filled with joy and peace. I receive some kind of grace and I feel tension free, no botherations, no family worries. The day I miss Mass I feel uncomfortable, restless, as if something important is missing in my life. Because of my great love for God, I barely take holidays from my work in the Church. I always think, this is great opportunity for me to be with the Lord. I may not have a melodious voice yet I sing and lead people into singing. By God’s grace I am able to participate in Marathi, English, Tamil and Konkani Masses and thus serve the Lord without any barriers.

I have witnessed many great events that took place in this Church. Some of them are Chrism Mass, the Divine Mercy Convention and now this Decennial Celebration. All this has drawn me into the evermore merciful heart of Jesus. It is my long cherished dream that this parish of Divine Mercy is declared as a Shrine where many more devotees could come to experience the love and mercy of Jesus.

I would like to conclude my sharing with a quote put up at the entrance of the gate, and which encourages and helps me to be a better person day by day.

“God’s mercy is bigger than any of my mistakes”

Mr. George Benjamin has been working as a sacristan in Divine Mercy Church for many years.