Parish Finance Committee

Objectives:  The Parish Finance Committee works under the Statutes of the Parish Finance Committee Guidelines laid down by the diocese of Poona.

The main objectives of the Parish Finance Committee is to help the Parish Priest in the financial administration of the Parish.

Role:  The Parish Finance Committee is a consultative body.  All the office bearers of the Committee are people working or having practical knowledge about financial matters.  The Parish Priest consults the finance committee whenever he judges it necessary or whenever any important financial decisions with regards to the Parish Financial matters are to be taken.

Committee members:  The Parish Finance Committee of our parish consists of our Parish Priest  Fr. Malcolm, Asst PP Fr. Vivek, Mr. Anthony Carvalho, Mr. Xavier D’silva , Sr. Betty from Shanti Ashram and Mr. Anil Almeida.

Under the guidance and inspirational leadership of Fr. Malcolm, we meet regularly and discuss important financial matters.  Fr. Malcolm always says that we are to be transparent and clear about financial matters.

Achievements: Some of the notable decisions in our tenure have been the construction of the ramp in front of the church, construction of Adoration Chapel, Meeting Room, wooden Way of the Cross, installation of new sound system in the Church. Many other developments and major programmes are done in consultation of the Parish Finance Committee.

Future plans:  Our future plan is to make our parish self-reliant by organising income generating activities for the parish.  For eg.  renting of basement for wedding/functions, renting of ground for sports, making DMC a Pilgrimage Centre.

We pray that by the grace of God we may continue to work for the Greater Glory of God.

Anil Almeida